Dynamo Metal Fest

IMG_20150718_140823Mwuoah! Had a great yesterday working at Dynamo Metal Fest. Most of the time it didn’t even feel like work at all ^^ I had the chance to see Alestorm, Biohazard, Nuclear Assault and Death Angel, the absolute highlight of my day. The energy was amazing and that’s just what makes me love this scene. Whenever a connection is made with the audience and the energy runs high I notice I feel goosebumps rise in my body. I not only enjoy the music, but love seeing that particular thing happening at live-shows.

[Please, don’t pay attention to the horrible audio! My phone’s not made for this.]

And ofcourse Alestorm could not go without any fun!

Besides that I absolutely loved the moment when this guy I already met in the bus was crowdsurfing in his chair with just one wheel left. I mentioned later in the bus I had an amazing pic of him, but I forgot to ask his contact info. Hope he’ll find my post somehow!

And while my mom’s at the gym I’m still lingering in my pj’s trying to get ready to go to a bbq. I’ve been working and learning for 8 days in a row so I’ve let myself of the hook this time (rice, maltesers, a lion and yoghurt have already found their way into my belly). I probably shouldn’t even go out but take some rest, but I made a promise to myself to not make it late tonight. Otherwise I will face the consequences.. BUT! With a bit of luck Tuesday is gonna be gym and wellness day. Looking forward to that <3


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