Healthy recipe: Bulgur salad with veggies and Feta

A ‘fit girl’ *ahum, ‘s gotta eat. What about a Bulgur recipe?

About Bulgur

Bulgur is a grain that is mostly made of durum and if I’m informed well often used in the Mediteranian kitchen. It’s a great replacement of pasta, rice or couscous and therefore easy to combine with vegetables, fish or meat. For this recipe I used it as a base for a salad.

I’d love to use more whole wheat products, products with more fibres and different kind of foods instead of the well known pasta, rice, noodles and potatoes. So I’m happy this bulgur recipe turned out tasty!

If you’re ready for some inspiration and a healthy recipe that makes you feel full, I’d say: try it out!

healthy bulgur salad ingredients

The easy Bulgur recipe

80 grams of Bulgur
Olive Oil
1 Tomato
1/3 Cucumber
1 Onion
150 grams of Feta (light)
Balsamico to your taste

Put the Bulgur in a pan with 250 ml water and wait for it to cook. If it does, be sure to let it cook for about 10 minutes. When it’s done remove the excess water, but put a plate or lid over it until you’re ready to use it. This way it will stay hot and gets nice and soft.

In the meanwhile chop your vegetables in dices and heat up some olive oil in a frying pan. Then put in the onions and fry them until they get soft and have that sweet flavour. When thats done put in the tomatoes and Balsamico Vinegar to your taste. Not longer than 2 minutes or so.

healthy bulgur recipe

Put your Bulgur on a plate, add the onions and tomatoes and garnish it with the cucumber and Feta cheese! Now you can mix it up or eat it like this. I also prefer to eat it while it’s still hot, because I love a hot dish for lunch. Gives me the idea I’ve really eaten something! But if you’re more into cold salads you can also eat it chilled/cold. That’s for some of you who think cucumbers shouldn’t be in a warm dish!

This bulgur recipe is perfect for lunch, but also for the summer. Easy, quick, healthy and fresh on a hot day! I can’t wait for Summer to begin <3

If you’re want more inspiration on recipes, the good and the bad, you can find them here.

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