Mo’s monthly playlist ft. Bro: Easy Summer Road Trip Playlist

road trip playlist

It’s Sunday! And allthough I’m not going on a roadtrip anytime soon I can surely imagine myself doing one while putting together playlists and listening them while doing the dishes, vacuuming and all that jazz to zen the place up. Nothing is better than a clean house right. If you’re on a holiday though or still enjoying the summer and going on a little trip any time soon here’s my relaxed road trip playlist <3

A while ago my brother and I decided to make playlists and share them with others, because why not? We love to share our shared interest in music with others, like I love to get to know new music from others. It’s also about rediscovering the old and modern and getting nostalgic by old jams! I mean, who doesn’t love to do that?

So if you’re ready for your trip or just wanna daydream one, we describe the playlist as:

Easy Summer Road Trip Playlist

Relax and be on your way on your roadtrip and dream away as if you were starring in your own music video. We’ve arranged the songs from depature to coming home!

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