Eat, sleep, stretch, repeat

Sounds like a rather lazy title, doesn’t it? It’s Ascension Day today and that means most people have a day off. Since I’ve been going to the gym three days in a row I decided it was time to give my body some rest and insert a stretching session!
Stretching and time for your muscles to recover is necessary. It decreases potential injuries and lenghten your tight muscles and with that it increases your flexibility (something I’m also working on voor my list!).
It’s not only good for your muscles, but also for the mind. Think of it as stretching in the morning when you wake, mooooh lovely feeling!
Besides that stretching is necessary for recovery you can use it as a moment to relax. When you can, do it outside! After my stretch I went outside with my mom for a stroll, enjoying the weather and these littles cuties (spring madness <3):

20150514_173655When we got back my mom and I ate some delicious mi sup with prawns and baso. Instant in the mood for food I started going through a food magazine getting all inspired and excited to try new recipes and so a new challenge was born. What better way than to spend making and eating these appetizing recipes with my best friend at least once20150514_164018 a month! This way we can spend some quality time and enjoy some good food (and I also can learn her how to cook, that’s probably going to be fun).
Talking about food, tomorrow I’m going to visit the 20150514_163336Food Truck TREK Festival with my bucket list inspirer Yinling! For the burgundians among us: amazing food, music, theatre and more can be found here.

trekThe rest of the evening I’m probably going to take it easy. Because tomorrow morning I have to get up early (for my doing) to work out with my fitness buddy. He is a good one, isn’t he? Making me get up early and so making me decide to have a good night’s rest, which is really important!
And maybe I’ll expand my bucket list some more. More? yeah, I know, it’s so long already, but I just keep getting inspired with new ideas!
I love doing it. It gives a positive prospect and a feeling of competence when I achieve something, doing things I’ve never done before and therewith stretching my boundaries, knowledge and comfort zone. I’m already stretching my mind with dwelling on each day and observing what was important to me that day. Making every day more special than when I wouldn’t think about it.
When you stretch your body movement becomes easier and when you stretch your mind by experience it can help you go beyond your limits!

‘Once we accept out limits, we go beyond them.’ – Albert Einstein

I, personally, think there are no limits to personal growth as long as you keep wondering and are up for a challenge.

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