Eggs & reflection for breakfast

Ok, so it seems I have slept for 12 hours. Just after my post yesterday I fell asleep to wake with some sleep paralysis trouble this morning.
Nothing better than your own body to tell you what you need and I guess the issue rest, which is a theme this whole week is what I really need.
I’ll have to take responsibility for my schedules myself and will have to remind myself not to be over eager and say yes to everything when asked.
Being everywhere anytime makes me happy, but running way too hard will cause myself to not get there when my body finally tells me to STAPH! As one of my best friends would put it.
Short term great feelings will be nothing compared to those on the long term!
So I’m back to taking care of myself, now.
I took some time to reflect on myself and to realize what needs to be done.
1. Enough sleep (this is going to be a real challenge for me)
2. No to malnourishment
3. Thoughts and judgments may come and go like waves. No need for them to keep stuck in my head, draining me from my precious energy!
4. Short workouts, to not burden my body to heavy, but just enough to feel great and give my head some time to let go of daily troubles (:

So once again it seems to be all about balance. We will always experience the extremes and that’s ok. It takes practice to find balance and mostly will be found when you’ve been to both ends. Knowing the benefits, knowing the harms.


PS: it’s funny, because in Dutch a sunny side up egg is named ‘spiegelei’, direct translation ‘mirror egg’.

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