Fitness challenge 2017: From Sugababes to Powerpuff Girls – week 2

We’re in the second week of our summer fitness challenge and I must say we’re making progress!

You just started out! What’s the progress?

We’re warming up

It seems we’re warming up really fast. Were we quickly exhausted the first couple of times during our warming up’s, now we are gradually getting used to moving in general. Our heartrates drop a bit everytime we do our 15 minutes on the crosstrainer before we start our workout.

We’re getting faster

Especially last night when we repeated a workout we had done at the start of our fitness challenge we noticed that we got through the routines way faster than the first time. Not to forget we added more reps per exercise too!
Also in between the exercises we now need less time to take a breather.

More desire to eat different

Now we are getting the hang of it and feel how usefull exercise can be the step to change what we eat is not as big anymore. We are that point that if you’re gonna do something, you’re gonna have to do it right. We’re thinking about how to make it easier for ourselves to eat healthy things at work and at home, because ofcourse not every one in our households will join. Besides that we’re starting to exchange healthy recipe ideas. We have our own taste in flavours which inspires the other ones to try something new.

On our to do list


Pushpa and Sarah will both be shopping for other sportswear. They need more steady sneakers and pants that won’t drop when we do our burpees! “Oh no! Not the burpees”

Progress pictures

Besides that they’d like to have a pair of leggings do that we can finally make progress pictures where you can cleary see change. For all we now you could already see any changes, but we won’t notice it if we don’t keep track. We think it will keep us motivated and proud of going to the gym every week.

fitness challenge healthy recipe

Easy healthy recipes

Sharing healthy recipes! I’ve already been asking around for nice recipes, so if you have any suggestions be sure to comment or share them with us! Also I’ll be resharing old recipes on my new Facebook page and soon more new one will be posted.

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