Fitness challenge 2017: From Sugababes to Powerpuff Girls – week 3 & 4

It’s Monday and I’m doing an update on week 3 and 4 of my friends and my summer fitness challenge. Tomorrow’s another day in the gym, but how did it go for the last two weeks?

Schedules, schedules..

I’ll be completely honest. Working out in a group works perfectly to motivate one another, but beside that pro working out our schedules is a con! All of us have a busy life which means it can be hard to find moments we’re all available, although I vote for a minimum of two people to fitness with and two days in a week (at least!).

Motivation two ways

Apparently we motivate other people to join us too! Last week I received a nice request from a mother if she could join us for a couple of times to get on her way and this upcoming week another girl will be joining us. The idea of a group you can join, so you don’t have to do it alone seems to be appealing!

We also had a fun moment where guys from the gym saw us talking outside after we had done our workout for the day. They thought we still needed to go on and tried to get us in by yelling ‘Come on, girls! Less talking, more exercising!”


I also found the benefits of Yoga, which I wrote about in my last wednesday break. Like fitness it can clear your head and a moment of relaxation, but I also think it’s a great way to stretch once a week and strengthen your core muscles!


Yes, there’s still progress! Although we still haven’t made those before and after shots, Pushpa could already notice that working out on a more regular basis helps you gain more strength and stamina. She noticed in particular with walking the stairs. Getting on them without breaking a sweat where you used to must feel like a little victory!

Personally I had my own victories with the help of my new Misfit ray, which I will write about later, and in Vienna. I might have had a weekend off in Vienna, black, but fun metal band Wederganger made me walk at least 7 km in a quick pace while sightseeing :’) Imagine me with my Chihuahua legs trying to keep up!

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