Fitness challenge 2017: from Sugababes to Powerpuff Girls – week 5 & 6

A month and a half into our Fitness Challenge! Whats my opinion so far on starting this challenge? Worth it?

Blowing of steam

Being active is always worth it. I noticed it has been a great way to spend time with friends and a way to blow of steam for all your daily irritations and worries. Just as much in a physical way as it is mentally. How else do you think girls get through their cardio warming-up? If only talking and laughing would burn as much calories :’) But what better therapy than life coach sessions from friends.


This fitness challenge has many ways of helping me move forward and it has more to do with setting goals and working hard to reach them than working out itself. By setting a goal for yourself and seeing your nasty sweat is paying off gives you a feeling of competence. If you feel competent theres less room for negative feelings about yourself, or at least they affect you less, because you know you have it in you to make things happen.

Physical changes

Ofcourse there are some physical changes to that add to confidence and that’s not about a perky butt or toned arms! In almost every update I mention progress lies in the strength I gain and endurance. In a short period of time, just six weeks, I can honestly say I have more condition and exercise a bit faster every time without being more exhausted.

We did finally make some pictures and allthough the changes are very subtle (and orange backgrounds don’t work!) I see a positive change. I look like I’m enjoying myself, nah? As for visual changes, my bf thinks I lost some weight, noticable in my face. Which can be true. When I lost 20 kg last year it started in my face and worked it’s way down. Gaining weight goes in the other direction :’) Butt first, face last.


For some people reading about working out and how it positively affects me inspires them to be more active too or to join in. And for some reason people have the idea we’re working out on a hardcore level, which we really do not. Ofcourse I’m very proud of my fellow ‘team mates’ for being strong enough not to quit, but making progress and going two, three times a week is not about being hardcore fitness junkies, a heavy thing to do.. If you think taking care of yourself is worth your time, there’s nothing to it! I’m going every week, because I believe I deserve to be happy in my own skin. Since I’ve rediscovered that I’m not pushing myself to work out.

What about food?

Honestly? Every now and then I go banana’s on sweets and salty food<3, but I alternate.. I do feel less guilty about it though :’) I don’t believe fitness has to limit you in eating the beautiful, deliscious, most of the time processed food life has to offer. Just don’t overdo it, right?

I don’t want to get in the way of my own goals so I have lot’s of ideas to make more healthy recipes, beside all the bad ones! Now the sun has found it’s way through the clouds I’ve been making creamy chocolate and banana shakes without icecream and salads that are easy to make. I love cooking and creating, so I don’t mind thinking about food. Who doesn’t?

bulgur salad salmon

Week 7 has started today, but I will not update on this one due to other things that require my time more than fitness! Lot’s of fun things, but also some mandatory!

I see you later, my alligators, in week 8!


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