Fitness challenge 2017: From Sugababes to Powerpuff Girls!

I’m fully recovered from the flu and ready for a new fitness challenge that keeps me busy, while searching for that ‘grown-up’ job. My best friend, her sister in-law and I decided to challenge ourselves for the summer. I don’t know about you, but hot drinks, blankets and public transport are my favorite when it is cold!

I’ve been up to a lot of meetings, selfstudy and work (which absolutely keep you occupied!), but spend less time in the ‘active’ department. And I don’t think active eating falls in the same category :’) There’s a difference between fit girls and food girls and I think I’m somewhere in between.

Fitness challenge goals

Each of us have different goals, but the challenge for us is to keep going every week at least 2-3 times. Booty, abs, a summer proof body, actually using the gym supscription.. We’re all gonna work on that!
I’d like to lose some of my winter storage and stay fit for my pants. But not too much, because we need enough Mo around :p

Next time we’re going to take new pictures to measure our progresses and keep ourselves motivated. The girls weren’t too happy with the ones we have :’)

How’s it going to work out?

“Weren’t you done with fitness and into Pilates?” Yes, yes, I was! Completely true. Without having a buddy to train with and a crowded gym with more devices than free space I didn’t have much fun going.
And that’s what it is all about eventually, having fun. When fitness becomes more of an obligation than something you also enjoy to do, then what’s the point? If it ain’t fun, you can’t carry on for long.
Now, we fitness together, eat together and complain together. That’s how you are supposed to spend a day with a friend anway :’). So what’s not to love, right? It takes the edge of my week and relaxes the mind!
Besides that we also train in a different gym where the equipment is better, the interior less grey and sad and more than enough space even on busy nights. That alone makes me happy!

Up until now it’s working out pretty well! I’m mostly working out workouts that can be done with the three of us and can be adjusted easily depending on the person’s level. We keep eachother going and most importantly, when we set a day we all feel we have to go!
Going out of the house is often a struggle for me, but now even with the gym being futher from home I’m excited to go and meet up.

What about Pilates?

So after finishing the Blogilates beginners calendar I continued to do video’s. Whenever I want to loosen a bit I look one up. The thing about Pilates is that it can be done almost everywhere as long as you have a mat. This means the exercises can easily be implemented in the workouts we do!

fitness challenge 2017
Orange is the new black! @ Basic Fit

I’ll share an update on this fitness challenge weekly. If you’re interested in our journey to become ‘fit girls’, have tips, wanna have a good laugh or want to get some inspiration.. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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