Food is love, food is life

“Food is love, food is life”, my brother said yesterday. Great phrase my little bruh! Well.. There’s room for a whole duck in that tummy of yours, not sure to call you little anymore :’)

Celebrating my brother got his diploma



and walking 9,5 km afterwards from the restaurant back home


But it is absolutely true! And since I’m not willing to give up on all kinds of food, which also means the unhealthy stuff (like ice cream <3), working out has found its way back into my life. Hopefully this time for good!
Even though my thesis has been approved, getting my defence planned in seems to be a bit of a pain in my ass. So yes, I can use the stressmanagement too!


*heavy breathing :’)

After my last post about fasting I had quite a busy week with work and ‘celebrating my freedom’. But after sleeping all the fatigue and  booze away – midday naps are the best! –  I tried out a new workout yesterday of a friend of mine. It was a tough round after at least two months not going to the gym and drinking waaaaay too much this past few days :’)

We have to build up again, my lawd! Sitting behind my laptop hasn’t done much for my health, nah. I’m kinda sore right now. But I’m glad we’re active again.  Because who doesn’t want to do awesome cookings on a regular basis with a sibling?

Any cheeselovers in the house?

Try out this frittata recipe :D! Vary as much as you like.


fritatta 2


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