Forta rocked!

Yesterday I skipped a post for the first time! I left home at 8 in the morning and came home again at 4 (am) and woke up again at 8 for work. So now I’m finally home after a day’s work and a visit to the Battle for Baroeg Open Air The extreme metal act Facelifter won, you should definitely check them out!

FortaRock-6-juni-2015-schema_550x778So, yesterday! After Buma Rocks I had a great day working for metalbus and with that visiting Fortarock, where I’ve seen different kind of acts such as Sylosis, Godsmack, Lamb of God and headliner Slipknot.
I enjoyed myself at all three stages, but my all time favorite of the day was without doubt Lamb of God! The energy just hit me! Slipknot, I just had to live see once. It really was a nice show as I had expected, but it didn’t move me the way Lamb of God did! In between shows I enjoyed the the lovely weather: sunny with a breeze!






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