Frozen yogurt recipe: Fruity Froyo snack

Let it go!

I told you guys in my Quiche recipe post I’d be back with more healthy stuff! So here it is, inspired by Cassey Ho’s easy breakfast idea’s I made my own frozen yogurt snacks. Great if you’re looking for healthy snack foods. They’re so easy to make and, clearly, they’re healthier than my love for anything covered in chocolate. Goodbye candy bars. I love my leggings too much, you know. Allthough.. This instantly brings me to ideas for dark chocolate snacks <3 To be continued I guess!

Winter asks for summer

If my bf and I are making anyone rich in the summertime it’s ice cream men. So if you wanna change your career, customer present!
Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts, so what better than to bring some summer feels with frozen yogurt cups colored with summer fruits? When I was traveling in Thailand I had a cold fruit drink almost every day! Pinapples, mango.. Those colors and sweet taste <3

So I was happy to discover some frozen pinapple bits in the freezer next to a bag of black forest fruit!

Ingredients frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt recipe

250 grams of low fat or non fat yogurt
Tea spoon of honey
Hand full of Pinapple
A table spoon of lineseed
Granola, fruits (black forest fruit) etc. to garnish

The ingredients are pretty much replaceable with any kind of yogurt, seeds, fruit or kind of sugar.

frozen yogurt snack

I really had my eye on the pinapple so I mixed half a can of set yogurt (1,5%) with the honey, lineseed with that. Then I just devided it over 6 silicon cupcake cups. I used these because I know for sure I can put them in the freezer without any problem. You can probably use the paper forms too, but you’d have to throw them out after usage.

After you’ve devided the mix into the cups top it off with granola or some berries. I used a mix of Goji berries, mulberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, rasberries and sunflowerseeds.

healthy snack foods

Put them in the freezer and take them out a couple of minutes before eating!

Any of you thinking about how you used to make Danone ice cream with just putting sticks in the cups? :’)



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