Go running they said, it will be fun they said


I had to run faster to get warm. That is like.. exactly what I don’t like ?
But we did it! Can’t believe my brother prefers running over a resistance workout. I think I’m not the one to experience ‘runner’s high’.. Neh.
Ah, well! More room for all the foods I bought this afternoon.
I think I’ve fallen in love with figs. I might use them tomorrow with dark chocolate❤ aw yeah.
Everytime I see a meal I know why I decided to fitness. Health on nr. 1 ofcourse, but imagine the extra room in my tummy for all that yummy?

I could swim through it like Scrooge McDuck

Besides the running I haven’t actually been very active :’) I could say I’m just reloading.
Took it pretty easy today and put some work in a project of which I’m really courious of what the outcome will be. It could give me more data on a tribe useful for more than just the project. I wonder, I wonder..

Gonna hit the hay now! Wanna have plenty of energy for my vocal lessons tomorrow. I’m excited it’s almost that time again. Best decision yet, I always leave jumpy and happy. I’ve always needed my music, buzy schedule or nawt!

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