Good morning Hong Kong & Generation Y


Hong Kong is waking up and I arrived at the HKG airport just 2,5 hours ago. Within a couple of minutes I figured out how to get to Hong Kong city. Sorry Yinling, I know what you’ve told me, but for a first time alone and with a transfer flight it’s better safe than sorry! Next time we’ll visit together ^^
I took the airport express to the city and started my day with oats, fruits and a café latte. I’m worn out from the flight and I was in desperate need for something else than plane food. Breakfast didn’t taste that well, unfortunately.
Must say I was incredibly lucky during my flight! I had a window seat behind the wing with no row of seats behind me and even an empty seat next to me! I never sleep at flights but this was definitely more comfortable now I had the possibility to rest my ass in two seats! There was one guy sitting at the same row, but he wasn’t in for a chat. But hey, bad luck for him, because I’m a sucker for brownies and sharing my food. Poor, poor me… All that food for myself, dearest what a tragedy!


So what else to do now John Doe was watching movies marathon style?
Well, I read a whole book in less than 1 flight about NSMBL founder Anna Nooshin titled On Top. Boy, did I take that literally reading it on top of the world, he he.
I bought her book to make myself a checklist during the flight to professionalize my blog a bit and get inspired by her entrepreneurship. Instead I read her most valuable advice and followed it: enjoy the trip. When you work hard everything will fall into place one way or another, but don’t miss anything of your travels because of your fear for the future. She tells a lot about her twenties in the book and how she became successful and guess what! I’m probably just as much the same as her and any 20 something:

– Big dreamer
– Not able to say ‘No’ at times
– No focus anymore in what the hell I want in life
– Fallen into a quarter life crisis because of that
– Busting my ass with working to make (some sort of) a career
– Failing at so many levels (jobs, studies).. At least I’m exploring the things I don’t want in life, that’s also okay.
– Moved back in with parents
– Going on a trip to find: Me

It’s nice to read I’m right where I’m supposed to be. If I keep working the way I do, making my own luck. It’ll all be fine! This book was just a perfect reminder of that.
I’m not alone and it’s okay to be my weird me, chasing my freedom, questioning everything, expressing my emotions, being human.
The system life is not for me and I’m glad I’m figuring it out now instead of when I’m 40 something wondering if this is it. There’s so much we ‘must’ and ‘that what would be normal’. The ideal I’ll never (want) be able to achieve. Yup, Yinling.. We ARE the Generation Y.

Pfoe, needed to get that of my chest. So! I’m going to explore Central a bit further now. Später!

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