Recipe: Healthy meal salad with honey chicken

healthy meal salad with honey chicken

Sometimes you find yourself not that hungry in the evenings when it’s Summer, but you don’t want to skip dinner. That’s when I prefer a good filled salad! This is an easy recipe for a healthy meal salad with honey chicken.

I love the combination of a sweet red bell pepper and onions. With that base you can make almost any meal. Last week I decided to combine it with some chicken, chilipepper and honey, mix it up with lettuce and serve baked potatoes on the side. Simplest thing ever, but tasty enough to share!

Healthy meal salad with honey chicken

1 A red bell pepper
1 Chicken brest
1 Onion
1 tbsp Honey
2 tbsp Honey Mustard Sauce
Mixed Lettuce
Croutons, dried tomatoes and seeds of choice for crunch

Cut the onion and bell pepper in large pieces, and slice the chicken in dices or strips. Spice it up with chilipepper, black pepper and salt to taste. Heat up some oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken until it’s done. Add the vegetables and when the onion get transparant add the honey. Fry until the honey really sticks to the chicken and vegetables.

Before you add the chicken and vegetables to the salad put the mixed lettuce in a bowl and stir it with the honey mustard sauce. Top if off with the croutons, dried tomatoes and your seeds of choice!

Serve with baked potatoes or eat your healthy meal salad with honey chicken as it is!

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