Hegron salon max power gel product review

hegron salon max power gel

The best invention I ever did voor my wavy curly hair is gel! Now there are tonns of gels to try, but never would I have thought that I’d book great results with a incredibly cheap one. (I guess all of you girls know how much money you can spend in search of the perfect products)

Hegron salon max power gel product review


hegron salon max power gel

It’s not a gel that keeps my hair in perfect shapes the next day, but I have waves to die for on washing day!
If you’re able to get Hegron Salon Gel, a lot of you will be lucky girls (:

1 euro 34, for 250 ml! Here we get it in the Action store. When you search online you should be able to get it in different countries in Europe. It’s not a gel specificly for curls, but just a regular one. So it doesn’t have real promises as you see on curly products! It says to have pro-vitamine B5, flexible fixation and should be easy to use.


I use the gel as the last step in my routine on completely wet hair. So after your leave-in, creams, oils etc! I take an amount that fits in the palm of my hand and rake it through my hair to get rid of any frizz and then scrunch my hair as usual with praying hands.


The consistancy is the same as any clear gel you would find in a drugstore. It creates a hard cast when it’s dry (which you scrunch out again). Like any gel it leaves your hair a little bit sticky, but when the crunch is out the hair still feels soft enough.

Low or high elasticity?

The gel has no protein in it and is perfect for people who are avoiding it, but ofcourse if you’re elasticity is normal you can add it to your moisture/protein mix!

What does it do to my hair?

After my standard plopping and airdrying I hang my head upside down and scrunch out the cast.
When you’ve used enough it leaves your curls defined and creates enough hold for a day. No limp and long curls at the end of the day and that’s what I love about it. It’s not too heavy for my 2b/c hair. My only porblem is that I can’t seem to refresh it the next day and that it leaves the hair a tiny bit sticky, but we all know not to touch the hair :’)

hegron salon max power gel product review


Unlike the Kinky Curly Curling Custard the Hegron salon max power gel doesn’t leave my hair soft, but for the price it offers a better hold and gives me the same result when it comes to frizz, which makes this product an absolute winner for it’s euro, 34, in comparison to curly products that are prices around 20 euros. Because it is just a styler, but doesn’t really add moisture like most curly products I’d really recommend using a leave in before.

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