Hocus, pocus, focus


Oh, men. I’m full of ideas and they change every minute. Since I’ve made room to be more, ehm, me! It’s a lot harder to focus on one thing. My minds taking me everywhere. If you’d walk the alleys of my mind right now you’d get lost like the blind bat I am at night.
It has it’s positive side, because I really feel my creativity returning like giant waves, but it does take me a lot of energy to narrow things down again.
And it’s not only a creative mess in my head, I believe there are some new emotions in play too, confusing the sh*t out of me. People have asked me at least 3 times today what’s going with me. I seem to be radiant as f*ck and thet want to know what it is. I guess I have to find out for myself too, because it’s like I said for a few days now, I’m just really happy ^^
Luckily I can use my mindfulness exercises to find my focus and give me just enough time to really work on writing and scetching my plans for the summer entrepreneurs course.
Tomorrow will be another come back day and this time it’s finally in Rotterdam in the Rotterdam building. You know, where Madonna bought the entire top floor!
Happy to have found some peace of mind to really work on the course so I can use it to the fullest (:

Now working for too long won’t do me any good either sooo. Time to chill out and listen to music

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