Honesty & confrontation

Honesty and confrontation. How these themes both were so important today.
Busy with writing a business plan it’s confronting I can’t find my focus yet. Frankly my business friend thinks I’ll probably never have it, because I’m creative and take on everything I like or love to do that comes on my path. Though it now seems as if I will not find the right focus in my business he says it’s not wrong, because the most important thing I have is loving what I do passionately and with enough knowledge. That maybe taking on different projects instead of just offering one service is what I am meant to do and that the focus maybe isn’t on a certain service, but all that I can provide for one particular goal(: helping the artist). So I’m back to my brainstorm fase to go over it all again. It sucks to feel like I’m stuck, but thinking not to hard about it: I’m probably not, just need a different view.

Besides receiving I also gave someone else all of my honesty about, guess what? Honesty. I needed to stand up for myself and be clear for once. Thinking about it the goal was important, but if not reached, my self respect even more. I should be taken seriously just as much as I take others seriously.
I needed to do it for me, to say what I want and what I need from this person (and besides that any other friend or person): honesty, for I can handle the truth and value candour (any day) over caution, because it takes courage and strenght to tell the truth and take responsibility.
Also fear for a response is a feeling and an interpretation over what might happen, not a fact. Emotions aren’t facts and never who you are.
Any problems you might have define not who you are. It’s what you do with them.

<3 stand for you beliefs and believe in yourselves xx

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