The signs: how do you recognize depression?

signs of depression

Sometimes you’re down and you start to wonder: is this normal? Is there more to my depressed mood or is it just a moment? If you’re unsure these are the signs to recognize depression. Read them to inform yourself, but always seek out the help of a licensed professional if you need legitimate advice.

Signs of depression

  1. You can’t enjoy the things that were normally pleasant to you and you barely feel up to it.
  2. You’re down and you feel you have to cry a lot, feel empty for a greater part of the day and almost every day.
  3. You have trouble sleeping. You either sleep a lot less.
  4. You don’t have the energy to do anything. You’re just tired.
  5. You feel unable to focus or think straight. Making choices is hard.
  6. You lose or gain a lot of weight. Your appetite isn’t the same.
  7. You feel guilty a lot of the time or worthless, even when it is not necessary.
  8. You feel restless and agitated.
  9. Death has gone through your mind, you’ve made plans for suicide or you might have even tried it.

If you experience 5 or more of these things for a longer period of time and they keep returning it’s possible you’re not just down but have a depression. It never harms to visit your doctor and if things are really heavy for you, you have all the more reason to have a talk with someone and seek help. Speaking out to someone is the first step to healing and getting better. Getting better will never be linear and will always fluctuate, but the only way really ís up, even if you might not believe it now. And it could be comforting to know: you’re not the only one and it is not weird. You are not weird, because depression is just as common as physical diseases and it is very real. There lies no fault in your sensitivity.
Luckily it is also treatable and giving yourself the opportunity to treat it is a gift to yourself.


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