How Sunsets can make you feel better


I love how watching sunsets can make you feel better. It nothing you have to buy or have to wait for. It’s here everyday.


Looking at sunsets can make you feel like a part of something bigger. Nature’s phenomena are so beautiful, all the rest doesn’t seem to matter. When it comes to nature I can’t even imagine things that aren’t beautiful or amazing in some way. Landscapes, thunder.. Are you also aways hooked on nature programmes on the telly?

The genlte colors of a setting sun, make everything soft and in a different light. In comparison to the harsh world you experience every day, nothing compares to the little things the earth and sky have to offer us. For a moment it brings you back to what is really important.

For me contact with nature is, getting in touch with what the earth réally is. The rest is just things we build on it, but it doesn’t need it to be amazing and magnifcently beautiful. It makes you feel small at times, so small it secretly makes you wonder of the meaning of your little life and how it feels good to have all you have – without all the (mandatory) extra’s that are supposed to make us happy – just like anybody else. The amazing wonders of the world, we all share, but tend to forget in everyday life. You know it’s there, but seeing it does make you remember. All we need is already given, the rest is extra.

At least.. That’s what I realize when gazing at sunsets, oceans, mountains or just a park with a pond full of ducks when there’s nothing else!


Focussing on one thing at a time: the colors, the warmth you feel, the view. You’re only activity is to look at what te rays do to the clouds or how it slowly gets dark; all other thoughts are just vanishing, or at least you don’t feel the need to spend any time with them. You allow yourselve to let them go for a bit.

You’re completely aware of your body when youre not constantly focussed on what is in your mind. When that happens you can choose to relax your muscles, choose to control your breathing and you feel better instantly. When your body feels better, you feel to and that makes it easier to manage the thoughts you might have.

You can’t do anything wrong actually. When I ‘meditate’ I just help myself to get aware and put any judgement aside, or just be allright with it that I do.

Suddenly you have a kinder view of yourself and the world. GOT TO LOVE SUNSETS!

A setting sun can make a harsh world merciful – Mo’s Wanderlist


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