How we change, but not change

20150705_132907Despite some nasty weather, today was an enjoyable day. I went to the Swan Market (lifestyle market) with Yinling and a friend of hers. Main attraction? FOOD.. I believe we’ll never change. We strolled along the stalls looking at what they had to offer, but quickly proceeded on to the food stands and benches in the sun (when there was still some sunshine!) We bought some dried fruit and the cocos balls from the stand which was at the food truck festival too, the festival where we tried oysters for the first time. I tried some vegetable chips too from Yinling. I don’t believe I had those before, but I really liked it! I could make a healthy snack like this once myself and can stripe of veggie chips of the list, since trying as much food I haven’t tried yet is something on my list.

20150705_173632Later on in the afternoon I went out for dinner at Bazar with someone I hadnot seen in a very long time. We wanted to catch up after we’d seen eachother at Give Soul a while ago. After dinner plans were to visit the Metropolis festival, but the weather wasn’t great and actually I didn’t mind. It’s remarkable how much I can chatter on about lot’s of things! It seems I’m wondering and thinking out loud while I speak. One of the things we talked about is how people over time can change, but not change at all. The way we dress, the way we think about things, interests, the way we present ourselfs, our looks. Over time we’ve grown up and changed (for the better). I’ve noticed the confidence and personal development, but there are certain characteristics that do not seem to change, that makes us us, like I’ve observed a softness and kindness shining through that I instantly recognized. It’s funny how we smile, move, look and behave exactly the same as we remember one another. How we recognize ourselfs in what we did at younger age and how we see ourselfs doing the same things today. It’s like getting to know a person all over again, since lots has changed, but still feel like there’s not much changed at all with just one look at the eyes.



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