How you always make a difference every day

Making a difference for someone  is something I put on my bucket list, as if it’s something I should achieve in life. But if I really listen and really observe very well it’s something I do every day. Yesterday a friend of mine thanked me for listening, nothing else, just listening. Today I noticed another one also wanted to show his gratitude. Why? Because I inspired him with my blog to write things down for himself. And as I am writing this post I’m remembering someone who decided he needed to keep his distance from me, but still indicates he’s glad with my presence everytime I’m there to show him I care for him anyway. Last friday I had a long talk about it with someone. She thinks it’s in my system to care, even for those who push me away, even when she and others think I shouldn’t. Everything I plan, everything I do, I seem to do it with thinking of others. She wanted me to know, to learn, to recognize that I have this beautiful quality named thoughtfulness that at the same time is my pitfall when I’m letting it take the upper hand. Depriving yourself from your own needs. I think it’s something a lot of us are dealing with it. Do we want to make a difference that bad? As in being that good to others, even if it hurts. Or is it just me? I think we have got to believe we’re already making a difference by being who we are ( with our own different qualities). I’m making it real today by writing it down, acknowledging my great quality. It’s funny how I hear people telling other people what’s beautiful about them and their personality. We do see great things in other people so easily. However if I would ask you now what’s something you’re great at of what’s the most beautiful thing about you, I believe there would be a lot of you hestitating about what to say. And I’m not even talking about whether you believe it or not.
So about making differences and doing good: it’s not an item to achieve. It’s to believe and being consious you’re doing it everyday, wanting to do it everyday. With wanting that for yourself, you’re already doing it in all the small things. It shows you care. Random acts of kindness are not to achieve, they’re to do. You’re already make a difference with every action you perform, just decide what kind of action it is you want to perform. Not only for them around you, but also for yourself. Making a difference for yourself can also bring good to others. Start with acknowledging your beautiful side (:


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