I don’t need therapy, I just need to go camping

After a long and busy day of work, I’m happy to be home again and as promised I would write something about my camping trip to the Ardennes with my two best friends. I had a great three days, I’m even close to sore muscles of laughing way too hard about things like poop :’D When we got back friday we still couldn’t stop giggling. We’re funny and incomprehensible like that <3 What’s it the interweb says? Good friends discuss their sex lives, best friends talk about poop!

Day 1:

20150826_111252On wednessday my friends picked me up at 11 in the morning in a car that was fully loaded. Typically us. We go camping for three days, but pack food for a whole orphanage. We do know now our Tetris skills are beyond limits, though! And ofcourse we could not leave without a car selfie. We couldn’t exactly ring my neighbours doorbell to take a picture, or could we?
Believe it or not, we actually found the camping site without getting lost and set up the tent pretty fast against all our expectations. How proud we were <3 Ofcourse we did it with our surgical gloves, so we wouldn’t be bothered and stung by little hairy things that were stuck on the tent from the last time.

The rest of the evening we took it easy. We unpacked our stuff, hung around a bit and played a game called Bankrupt and ofcourse snacked, snakced and, oh, we snacked.

Day 2:

20150827_091706The second day was a day of non-stop rain. No really, non freaking stop. This we knew and we didn’t let it ruin our day. We planned to look up some nearby activities to do and to visit Durbuy. Kayaking, the activity on my bucket list was not something to do on this rainy day. But first breakfast! We poured some tea in our plastic cups and ordered some buns and croissants the day before to pick them up the next morning. From there on I refered to us as team Tea & Biscuits. No matter how bad the weather, we’d still enjoy ourselves anyway.

DSC00896After brekkie we decided at the reception to visit Grottes de Hotton and Durbuy. We did a really cool tour in the caves and it was really interesting to hear how it has been formed over the years (millions of years!).
One of those ways is water seeping into the ground and so we did with a picture
of someone who hurt me very deeply. We thought it was a good idea to burn this bridge to my past and then let what was left seep into the ground with the rain that came pouring down all day. It was some sort of evil mindfulness :’D Looking forward and doing what’s effective for me, but I still burned a picture and enjoyed every bit of it.
20150827_132355 20150827_132349

Now that the hard labour was done we drove to Durbuy, a small village with cute little houses and stores. Naturally I had no intention of skipping the chocolaterie and bought some chocolate there. I must say I’m proud of myself, because none of the chocolate I bought, I bought for myself. Guess who’s mommy is a very happy mommy now <3
Then we went on for lunch, which I ordered in my best French, which is absolutely horrible :’D, but it was fun to do.
We ended the day with some Yatzee & Pj madness, yelling at eachother, laughing, screaming and munching the whole camping site together from that one majestic tent <3 Barvaux must still be recovering from our sense of humor.

Day 3:

What a great day, the sun was finally shining and it stopped raining (: The owners of the camping site granted us some extra time to clear up the place so we could still have our chance to go kayaking. A friendly guy named Rubin dropped us off on the Outhe 1,5h before Hamoir where he would pick us up again. Ofcourse when he askes if any of us had a phone (safety first!) we all left them in the car, because we didn’t want them to get wet :’D Luckily we took exactly 1,5h and he was at the end point right on time. It was my first time kayaking ever and it was awesome! Whenever a rock occured all we could yell was: ROOOOCCCK, ROCCCCK!!!! It was hilarious :’D. Guess who got stuck on a rock for a moment and who run head-on the line after rapids. Don’t DSCI0046answer that!
I’m really happy I could stripe this one of my list with two of my best friends. It’s not the activity, but the people I do it with who can make it so amazing when it is not something I need to do alone. Thank you (:
After kayaking it was finally time to pack up. We we’re afraid who could not 20150828_135646get the tent back in to the suitcase, because it was huge, but it seemed our whale and zip strategy worked just fine! Once again we were so proud. Not only the tent fit back in the suitcase, but also all our stuff in the car!

IMG_20150829_233548Thank you, girls <3 It was awesome. Now I’m back in reality where my firefox weirdo of a cat owns me :’D

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