I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bikeeee

Whoo! My parents got me another bike today! I already made a test ride and it cycles waaay better than my old one. I used to think I really had no condition at all, but with this bike I’m going so fast <3
Not that I’m not taking my bike whenever I can, but with my new one it will be easier and more pleasant to go long distances.
As I mentioned yesterday: workout’s and all other things should/could be fun!
Regarding yesterday, there’s more that I made easier for myself today. As said I wanted to try out some of Kayla Itsines tips and one of them was packing ย your bag the night before to save time and make it more convenient to go to the gym.
I had to work today, but also wanted to train, so I prepared everything I needed last night. I must say it works for me. I was good to go and had no reason to stay home. I had more than enough time, because I had packed everything for the gym and for work. I also decided to shower at the gym for the first time. I normally do this at home, but if I had to go back and forth home it would take more time plus the thought to just stay home would have come up (with the excuse it wouldn’t be handy, I know myself!).
Enough ways to prevent rushing it seems! Let’s keep up with this (:

More positive news of today: tomorrow I can officially register myself for a new appartment/studio. The first allocations will be in July. Keep your fingers crossed for me <3

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