‘I want you sore, baby’ – Mr. Grey

Time for a resistance workout! Since the gym is closed at this time and I just arrived home from work I’ll have to find an alternative. To be honest if the gym would be open now, I’d have to try so hard getting my ass there. Not that I would melt, but rain it definitely my kryptonite.
For the Dutchies who know Ronald Goedemondt and know this clip about Sissy Boy know what I mean: ‘ Het begon te regenen en we wilden niet meer leven.’

For all the others this covers it pretty much:


Enough with the jokes! Yesterday I skipped a day, because I felt I needed some rest, but today I’ve got enough energy to exercise. Fortunately I have some weights and a flexible mental coach, who will probably take a nap 20150426_195609while I’ll be trying to work my ass off, but hey: no pain, no gain! Besides, it is known that people feel great after exercising. It gives you the feeling of competence for accomplishing and it’s a positive distraction. They also say that people who exercise, sleep better.
Well, I’d say: anything for a good mood! You could literaly fitness for your mind, because you’ll produce endorphines which trigger a positive feeling. Now that’s a positive side effect while I work my way to a healthy weight and body!
Tuesday the gym’s open again and I’ll drag myself through the rain if need to! I think I will also write about something about you stopping yourself with your own thoughts. It has to do as much with fitness  as daily life. Prepare for some more mindfulness!

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