Iceland day 7-10: from Egilsstadir to Hólmavík

We’re already through most of our stops and our last miles will mostly be scenic drives. A few more stops and a tour in Reykjavik and our two week trip will be over..

Day 7 Egilsstadir to Húsavík

I got up quite early and baked some eggs. After our little camping adventure I thought we deserved a good breakfast.

Nathalie had thought a couple of places to visit before we’d stay the night in a guesthouse in Húsavík.


The day before we didn’t feel like going when we arrived in Egilsstadir and we were glad we didn’t, because it was a bit of a climb. Especially now my foot got stiff overnight. Luckily I had taped it, just to be sure.

Behind the waterfall you can clearly see the different layers of lava/magma, the tops being red. Can you imagine how many eruptions and how much time it might have taken for this to form?


After Hengifoss we must have driven at least two hours to find Dettifoss high up in a sudden crack of the earth. It flows somewhere you just would not expect to find anything at all, as if you’re driving on mars or the moon.

The fields high up are empty, sandy.. Like a dessert with some rocks. I think it is the first time we got a bit bored with the sight, but that’s mostly because it took so long. Where would it end?

But was it worth the drive? See for yourself:


Tired from the long drive we decided to quickly stop at the hot mudpots and pools. Quickly became REALLY quick, because it smelled like rotten eggs, more than we are used to :’)

On our way we passed the Myvatn lakes and then to the guesthouse. Since it had no kitchen we ate at the little harbour, which is cosy.

Day 8 Húsavík to Akureyri

The guesthouse from the Cape Hotel was a bit, how would you say it.. Mèh, mwah.. But the included breakfast at the hotel itself? Awesome! As you can see I could not leave without a fresh made waffle!

Puffin, puff out

We had some plan to see some more puffins. We had some luck to spot them at the black beach in Vík, but not up close yet. With great hope we wen to the lighthouse cliff and one nearby, a good walk over private grass fields, but all were gone. It might be the season is at it’s end, because we did see all the holes that would have been nests.

Allthough Húsavík is the place for whale watch tours we did not take one.


So we made way to Akureyri, the second capital of Iceland. On the road there you can stop at Godifoss which literally means “fall of the gods”.

In Akureyri we had some trouble with finding a parking spot, but at 4pm we could park for free until 10am close to our hostel.

We rushed to Backpackers to do some laundry and chill out. It was that moment I finally had a good cup of coffee and it was most welcome <3

Day 9 Akureyri

We stayed two nights and we were glad we spent it at the Acco Guesthouse. Incredibly comfortable like Birta.

So yesterday was our big chill day! We made sure to leave before 10, but for the rest of the day we could take it easy.


Once a “hidden gem” now swarming with people. The ground underneath this area is hot and you can see there’s activity by the steam that comes from the ground and the gaps of the lava fields

Some spots have geothermal pools which are not as hot as a 100 (or even 200) degrees, but around 36 to 41. In this cave at the moment it’s around 50 and you cannot swim in, but you can descend a tiny bit into the cave.

Myvátn hotspring pool

Around 11.30 am we went to the hotspring pool closeby and didn’t leave until 3.15 pm!

It was time to relax.

Since most natural hotsprings are only accesible by 4×4 we had to do with this site. You don’t hear me complaining though!

Day 10 Akureyri to Hólmavík

We left again before 10am, but not before I bought a present at a store near and did some groceries.

It was a 4hour drive, but we had some energy left to visit the witchcraft museum here.

Creepy stuff if you ask me. I mean deadman pants? Eeww.

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