Iceland day 11-14: From Hólmavík to Reykjavík

You know how that goes, back from a trip, back to work. A couple of days later you even wonder if you have even been away at all.
I’ll write that piece on the last days in Iceland later. One month later: oh, that’s some later!
*Looking at what I wrote down
Sh*t I don’t remember all the things we did :’)

And that’s why I mostly write down my travellogs around the time I’m traveling!

This post is about the last 4 days I spend at Iceland with my best friend, which is already a month ago. The thing about the last few days is that we had more hours to drive than stops to make. For me at least reality started to kick in. Soon I’ll be going home…

Ok, let’s try this!


Day 11 Holmavík to Isalfjördur

As said we were making more hours on the road than actually visiting spots. We were lucky enough to spot some seals on our way and so we stopped to take a look. Taking a look for me meant laying on my belly on the beach like a seal to photograph the seals. :’)

Despite the long drive we had one stop at a waterfall we had been waiting for. The Dynjandi Waterfall. You’ve probably seen some drone images of people visiting this fall, ofcourse on a spot they shouldn’t be standing at all, but yes. It’s a beautiful one.

You can see it coming from far away, allthough the mountain roads are quite rough and have sharp turns. Huraay for Nathalie her driving skills! <3

Back in Isalfjördur we set up the tent, chilled out at the common area and hit the hay.


Day 12 Isalfjördur to Búdardalur

I actually slept better this night in the tent than in any of the guesthouses. Maybe because it’s really freakishly hot in every Icelanders home :’) Or maybe it’s because the rain was ticking on the tent.

Not so great when it came to packing up the tent, but we can’t complain. We a had just 2-3 days out of the 14 with rain.

After packing we got some groceries and left for Búdardalur, a 4,5 hour drive. Actually we needed to be at a guesthouse somewhere near, but it turned out to be a bit further away. The guesthouse where we stayed is a family’s farm in the valley’s. A couple with three boys, who liked to show visitors around and check in once a while in the kitchen to watch what food we were cooking.

It was the first time I really felt like a guest at a home, since the family lived next to the bedrooms.


Day 13 Búdardalur to Reykjavík

The women of the house turned out to be the sweetest lady. All the visitors get a homemade breakfast, some good stories about life in Iceland and she didn’t want us to do the dishes.

She talked about the many movies and series that are filmed in Iceland such as Fast & The Furious and Game of Thrones. The family will go all the way to Reykjavic to see the movies, not because they’re interested in the movies, but to see the scenes their familiar with, like the place her husband works or a bakery were she used to be at the same time a crew was filming.

She was also telling how her boys have red hair and not blond like the Norwegian vikings they like to tell about in Iceland. She explained the Vikings weren’t the kindest of people and took Irish and British women who could properly cook home with them. And some of them ofcourse had red hair.

After breakfast we made way back to Reykjavik. I made some pictures on the way and we had a funny incident driving passed the tollhouse of the tunnel :’). Oops. *beep, beep, beep. In reverse!

In Reykjavik we did some souvenir hunting for our loved ones at home, visited the penis museum and tried to return the car. Due to a misunderstanding the company picked it up a day later, but all was well!


Day 14 Reyjkjavík: Snaesfellsness

Our last day. We woke up early to do the Snaesfellsness tour and stowed away our bagage.
The tour had some stops at scenic places and villages, but stood by me most was the short tour through a lava tube which was 35m deep and 135 m long.

We also passed this mountain, which a day later I totally recognized in the last Game of Thrones episode! Super cool. Imagine me trying to make sure my bf really would see the similarity. I”VE BEEN THERE YOU SEE???

Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because Nathalie had catched up on te last episodes too :’)

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