In case of…

IMG_20150625_211829Had a late shift today, so before I cycled to work I went to the shopping centre near my home. It was payday, huraaaay! I set a great amount aside for Australia and used some to buy some stuff I’m going to need (:
Like a quick drying towel for when I’m on my way a lot!
In case of a dying phone battery when on the road I finally got myself a new external battery.
In case of little emergencies like scratches, or something like that, I got myself a small case (which happens to be quite cute too ^^) with first aid things.
In case of swimming or snorkling in the sea with a chance of jellyfish and rays of sunshine I bought some outdoors spray from the same brand as the first aid kit. It’s sun and jellyfish protection in one!
In case of this creature (thank you Bam Margera for sharing now I’m all busy with my trip to Australia) you can probably drag me home while I’m in fetal position: 

Spiders kicking my ass while seated on the toilet that’s fine. There’s only one thing I’ve always been afraid of and that’s snakes. I’ve had my share of encounters in Indonesia and I will survive (or not, oh god :p) when in Australia, but mother of ***, this thing here’s not ok.

IMG_20150625_211857Besides some shopping for my trip I also bought myself some make-up. Now I’m feeling a lot better on the inside lately, I thought why not the outside too. Since I’ve been a bit tired last couple of days it’s also quite relaxing to put on a mask or something like that. I just put on a peel-off mask and drank some chai (peeling off a peel-off mask is strangely satisfying 😐 ). It makes me feel cheerful with a pinch of, ok, ok, loads of girly, but I liked it. It’s not something I’m used too, beauty routines, but I’m exploring my way into this world now I’m single again. IMG_20150625_211729
I bought highlighter for example and don’t even know how to properly apply that stuff, but hey, that’s what google’s for! I succesfully copied a pin-up look once, so I can manage this too (:
I’m the kind of person who does a victory dance when she has put on mascara without sneezing three times in a row and making a panda out of herself. I tried lot’s of different lip stick colors on my hands as well and held them next to my face to choose some colors to buy. Ofcourse they were out of tissues and I had to walk home with lipstick stripes all over the place. Next time I’ll bring my own!
I hope to do some more with make up on a daily base instead of only when I’ve got a party. I do believe however that it’s more special when I wear it on special occasions, but I also believe it might do something positive for me if I use it more often than I do now.

How do you think about make up?

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