In search of convergence and skills

Last friday, before I learned to tie all sorts of knots from a stranger at a Coffee Company, I was busy going through that book of Chris Guillebeau I mentioned earlier. Everytime I make time for it, it get’s me all fired up and passionate to make my own (micro)business happen.
Therefor I really have to take full advantage of the book, meaning it’s full of pen stripes, dots and dog’s ears. I’m so sorry, book! I normally treat books very gently. Thing is, I work best making connections from page to page and making notes everywhere when something inspires me, and I mean everywhere. When I owned a desk in my previous home it was a complete havoc. There are these weird paradoxial extremes in how I work: complete chaos across from borderline perfection. I do need them both though. Without the mess I can’t create what I need.
100su-graph_For now I’m searching for this convergence and necessary skills Mr. Guillebeau explains in his book. It means as much as the overlap between your passion and that what others care about, where passion or skill meets usefulness. To make a project work there are certain skills you need, but he writes that most businesses (the ones he examined) were started by people with related skills. There are many things you’re already good at and can be put to use. You maybe just haven’t thought about it yet. He encourages to do so, to explore what these skills are. He uses a  good waitress with people skills as an example: good at making tips, recommending items from the menu and making customers happy. She might not know anything about PR yet, but her people skills are a great and helpful aspect and so on. Having more than just one set of skills, think about what can be done when you combine and develop them!
It’s also a little bit of mindfulness and self-reflection discovering yourself and all your qualities.
Now I have this notebook full of little drawings and doodles that may help me find that convergence. I’m also asking lot’s of people around me what they think I’m really good at or what I can improve. I hope to make a clear image out of it, eventually.


Edit: talking about learning new things! I somehow discovered that connects people (nearby when possible) who can learn you something they’re good at. What a great concept! I love it!

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