In the summertime when the weather is hot

Phfoeeeee. It has been a hot few days! Yesterday I even decided not to write a blogpost to prevent my room from getting even hotter from my laptop.
Though I haven’t slept great due to those lovable mosquitoes and heath I had no problem getting up in the morning. I was all happy knowing it would be my day of and finally could make some time to visit my happy place, enjoy the sun when outside (quite an important factor if you ask me) and most important: plan my social life! I’ve been pushing these things to the background for work, but too much work will make me grumpy too 😉
IMG_20150630_145042Happy place equals the gym, where it was a lot cooler and where I could finally do a complete workout again. Not that I haven’t been exercising, because I cycle at least 10 km a day, but I do feel best when I do both resistance and cardio, not just one of them.
When I got home I really wanted some ice cream so bad. You know, summer, ice cream.. Ok, ok! Apetite for something sweet after a workout, you got me. Instead of raiding the pantry I ate some chicken to fill my stomach and then decided to prepare a healthier snack than ice cream or chocolate: a smoothie. It’s actually a great replacement. It’s just as sweet and cold. Perfect for a hot day like this (: So, I took some IMG_20150630_154825strawberries, cherries and juice of a lime and put it in the blender. VOILA, great smoothie. I normally use some mint or basil too, but unfortunately had none.
After that I cycled to an appointment and noticed it was the first time in a while I actually payed attention to the view again and enjoyed the cycling itself, not being in a hurry for work. Good thing to remember there’s more than just cycling!
As for my social life, I had enough time to plan some stuff. Social life is not only fun, but recreation, which means relaxation. Something I really need besides just sleep! So, what’s new? This thursday I’ll visit a showcase where lot of my friends will be too and I’m really excited to see them again (:
As for the weekend I’ll go out for dinner at Bazar, visit the Swan market and the anual Metropolis festival. It’ll be the first time for me to visit the Swann market. Wanted to do it for a while now, but never went. The Swan market is a lifestyle market where handmade fashion, art and more is sold. The most important thing for Yinling and me, ofcourse, is that there’s food too!!
What better summer feeling than sunshine, lifestyle and food?
Music ofcourse! Metropolis will be this sunday too and I at least want to see Sevdaliza and Glass Animals. It’s going to be great!
All that work may have been a bit much, but it sure has paid off. Tomorrow I’ll receive my tip that I have saved up for a whole year and besides Australia I have found another destination for it <3 Did I tell I love vintage clothing? Well, I do. So classy ^^ Happy it’s a size smaller as well and that it will arrive tomorrow! Haawww. It was a good day 😀

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