Indoor Skydive: flying squirrel incoming!

Minutes befor we left!

CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! Indoor Skydiving, by surprise, is taken off my bucket list! Someone amazing decided to make my day for no particular reason, just because he wanted to. For weeks I’ve been hearing there was a surprise coming, but until the very moment we stopped on the parking lot of Indoor Skydive Roosendaal I didn’t have any clue of what it could be. Look at that face! Laughing at my nerves and curiosity.

IMG_20151129_205445 (1)

*jump, jump, jump ‘thank youuuuuu’ <3





After watching a couple of sessions it was time for me to change into my outfit and to be instructed by our dive instructor Jan! I have never ever looked more fabulous in my life :’)

DSC_2211DSC_2212I had 3 sessions to go. I was so excited and in the first one I felt like Aladin’s flying carpet wiggling and hovering :’), finding it hard to get in the relaxed and steady posture. They say that’s what happens when your hips are not the lowest point yet and you’re probably still a bit tensed. After the first time I was ready to go for the second round, though!


Once I got the hang of it more the tension left my body, which was good, since this week has been very stressful. Bf, you already did me good this weekend with your presence, but this was the cherry on top!
The third and last round the instructor took me up higher and closed up with showing the group some tricks of his own.


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