Wednesday break: date insights for the millenial minds

My journal always helps me in gaining new insights or remembering ones I already gained. At this very moment I’m wrecking my hamsterwheel of a brain to find out what it is I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been so occupied I’m forgetting all about what I have actually been doing. You ever feel that way? That people ask you how everything went two days ago and you don’t even remember you were even alive two days ago :’)? Was I at work? Was I at home? Time for a weekly break it is!

Ofcourse I’m talking about the days before Christmas, because these two free days I remember clearly! I now know every inch of our kitchen and what beautiful food was born there. The tasty, sweet and fat kind.. Yummm <3 Cheesy bread, quiche, no-bake banana cheesecake with popcorn and white chocolate, turkey.. (Links soon!)

My wednesday break is a perfect time for my weekly journal where I can recap the little things. Ok, I’m going back in time for insights!


At the coffee table

Yesterday I saw one of my best friends, Nathalie, again. She’s back for a few days before she heads back to London. Right now I’m listening to people around me at the coffee table, talking about their goals for 2017 and their struggles. Money, studying, finding a place to live.

“We deserve to have money.”
“My life is such a struggle without money.”
“I want to accomplish something.”
“Is this all?”
“Do I expect too much from myself?”

Another person who understands the girl: “If you’d really not accomplish it all in the near future. Is it really that bad?”

Me with a smile: “It will come.. Patience.” I’m passing on words that are being said to me daily.

I completely feel this girl when it comes to accomplishments and expectations and these words help me a lot every day. I hope they’ll do something for her too. We all think like this sometimes and these people also know they’re just complaining and that you’re never the only one with struggles.

“Everyone has these problems.”

At the sushi table

I’m thinking back to our sushi date yesterday. Nathalie and I both agreed that, besides being good at complaining to eachother, we don’t have it bad at all. Oh, don’t we all have the same issues? We all go through it different ways, but I believe we’ll never go through things we can’t handle. At least we’re not a person missing, we’re not stuck in a warzone.. Things are horribly wrong in this world. Here we are though. We’re sitting warm and cosy at a coffee table or in a restaurant.

I believe it’s a good thing that we want to make progress and get the best out of ourselves, but doesn’t that happen with working hard, learning through the struggles and patience? Nathalie and I forget it too from time to time. At the end of our panic attacks though we always come back to realizing we’re ok and that some people have it far worse than we do. We have eachother and people around us who set us straight without taking away support. Actually it is the support we need. Sometimes we’re dealing with a luxury problem without even being conscious of it. Still following me and my cryptic journal? :’)

Moments like these, make me truly appreciate friends like her. What’s more soothing to our souls than having someone we’d travel the world for and we’d travel the world with. Iceland is a fact now. We even bought a travel guide yesterday! Nathalie, thank you for visiting me with the time you have <3


Half a week before I saw Nathalie I met up with someone I’ve been to school with. Whenever I can I write about how I make choices, what goals I’m after and how I’m dealing with things like our coffee-girl, Nathalie and tons of other individuals do. Apparently he recognized my current situation and so we had lot’s to talk about and decided to catch up. Best way to do that? Ofcourse, Italian lunch!

We talked about pretty much the same matters, but as I heard him talking I understood that there’s no one else to get you somewhere but you. You might have to take it slow, but that’s not necessarily unacceptable. And discontentment doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful, it means you know you have to take action. There’s a difference between complaining and being discontent. With complaining you won’t push yourself to do better. It is good to hear some insights on life from someone who’s doing quite well now.

Again the words from my bf echo through my mind: “You see, everything is going to be allright”. Seriously Three Little Birds from Bob Marley should be his soundtrack :’).

Soy Burger


Exactly a week earlier Huey, Dewey and Louie gathered to have a bite together. When this trio starts talking you’ll have a hard time following us :’). We laugh and talk so much it’s like we’ve had hours of therapy. You know how that goes when friends gather.


Making time for eachother even though we’re occupied with work or internships is the the best way to relax. We always feel good after meeting up. It takes the edge of our routines!

What are the best insights your friends have learned you about life?


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