It’s a GO! A tiny step away from graduation day!


So this morning I received word my thesis has been approved and I’m allowed to defend my thesis in August!
I couldn’t be more happy❤ Almost there!


I had planned in a massage and some jeans shopping for today to distract myself from any nerves, but luckily I saw these beautiful green lights early this morning.
Now I could focus even more on the stressrelieving massage, which was absolutely relaxing.
After that I shared the news at work and hopped happily through the rest of the day?


I just got home from work and right now I am eating oats with apple and banana, because I’m preparing for my first fasting day tomorrow.
I’m almost at the end of my graduation challenge, but I have another challenge to complete?
I’ll (probably) let you know tomorrow how it worked out for my coworker and me?
Do you think I can make it?

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