January the first: a fresh page


FB_IMG_1451671788083Another year, another 28 tabs open in my browser :’)
It is january the 1st and ofcourse I wish all of you a happy new year. Had a good time spending the last hours of 2015 with new friends and bf, hope you had as well!
BUT! New year, new chances and what not, so I’m back to business trying to finish my thesis proposals with 28 tabs open surfing the internet for reliable sources now I am officially a student again since 2016 has made it’s entry. Let’s hope ‘bachelor diploma’ can be striped off around june this year.
Back to business, because I still have lot’s stripe of my bucket list! One of them is finally watching Star Wars (I know, don’t judge eh.. Let’s stay, ehm, mindful :’) ) and relax.
Since bf movie cheated on me and watched IV A new hope without me I will have to catch up immediately!



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