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Whoa! Finally home from a busy day.
As I wrote yesterday, we had to make money within a small amount of time (the course’s guerrilla challenge). I’d absolutely love to write a whole story about the day, but man.. This day kicked my ass, I’m so tired!
I’m glad to let you know I accomplished my bucket list item: performing music. It might not have been on stage, but on the streets where our team tried to make money out of nothing, but it definitely comes close. I received positive reactions, which tackled my negative thoughts on my own skills and made me happy I put it on my list. Defying yourself can lead to such great experiences! Approaching people is one of those things. It was a necessity to accomplish the guerrilla challenge, but can be a bit scary not knowing what kind of response you’ll get. With negative responses you’ll have to accept, adapt and go on, on the spot. You’re learning along the way, which is just as beautiful as unexpected kind gestures and positive responses from the people you approach. It’s trial and error, sometimes you just need to do it to overcome your obstacles. Like I often tell: put your judgments and assumptions aside for a moment, for they and feelings are not for sure facts.
With another team we also worked on pitching today, something I find hard to do. Working on my presentation skills is therefore an item as well, so this day was very helpful (:
On this aspect our team also received positive feedback and this makes it a bit easier for me to go on and keep on trying, because I know I’m on a learning curve! I just do it, it’ll get easier in time.
Completing something of my bucket list gives me a boost every time <3

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