Kingdom of contradiction

So today was another comeback day of the course I’m following and this time it was finally in my beloved hometown on the top floor of the 40 store high building named after our city: The Rotterdam. We could even see Madonna’s appartment from outside the window.
I learned different things today. I learned the Rabobank’s view on entrepreneuring and the other one is that the workenvironment can do a lot with employees. Something I’ve always found to be very interesting.

20150805_160045 (1)In this building they tried to create a more free environment where no floor looks the same. Floors with pieces of art, plants or with meditation rooms. On top of that they try not to have too strict working hours so you can ‘design’ your own workday so-to-say. They call it: the new working. Though, this has a positive effect on lot’s of the civil servants working there, it also seems that if the environment does not suit their personality or character it works against them. The more structured ones actually feel distracted and uncomfortable in a working space like this.
So focussing on what I say very often, there’s no wrong or right in feeling and since emotions are in play when it comes to what space you work in there is also no one exact truth about what environment works the best to bring out the best in your employees. It’s personal and not black or white.
We’re always trying the new extremes, and that’s ok, because when we’ve both tried them we know where the balance is to be found and that both can coexist in the grey, because they both are needed.
Funny. Just yesterday I talked with someone about the huge difference between us related to this theme: dreamy and down to earth. Unfocussed and structured. I would do fine in this building, but it’s possible this other person would not, because it just doesn’t suit him.
If we’d just be aware of it that almost everything is this way, contradictions could build a kingdom. I believe it’s called a wise mind, like the convergence of the rational and emotional, we need both. I do actually really admire when someone is working or thinking very differently. (:

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