Knead a pair of balls

Here’s my recipe to some great nutballs. How should I call ’em? Haven’t thought about that yet. Amazeballs? Binge balls? Great balls for fire?
Oke, nevermind. Here it goes?
What do you need for these no-bake balls?


100 grams of oats


200 grams
Half a bar of dark chocolateof dried figs


70 grams (or more to your taste) nuts
(I used a mix of cranberries, walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts)


50 ml of water
1 tbls of honey (I used 2, but that was way to sweay for my taste!)

Cut and mix ’em up until you have a sticky and doughy kind of ehm.. Substance!


Now I rolled ’em into balls, but you can also make bars out of them.
Whatever you prefer!
I was just proud of my balls? Ever seen those overpriced super balls in the supermarket? 1,50 a ball?

Normally I’m not really into nuts, but the sweat taste of the figs covered that!
All those fibres are good for.. Aaaaah you know what I mean?

Lemme know if one of you ever tries?

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