La place to be


At first I wanted to write about my level up masturdating experience last Friday in a La Place.
How I felt the weird empowering feeling of sitting at the head of the table, overseeing everything. Comfortably taking my moment to rest after a long day of work before I went to a party. How I noticed someone else eating alone feeling very uncomfortable, looking for things to do while eating and getting out as fast as he could. Wondering if this type of being alone will feel the same as traveling alone, which will happen in two weeks from now.
It’s not what I learned there isn’t important, I actually made notes while doing so, because it interested me so much. It’s that I realized waking up this morning it doesn’t matter where I am. Doing my thing while being alone or hanging out with friends and others in the pub, working my ass off or overthinking what it is I’m exactly doing with my life. Everywhere I am, I am supposed to be. Things will fall in to place, get messy again and finally fall in to place again. There is no ‘place’ to be, everywhere I decide to go will be the place I am meant to go.
Every person I am crossing, I am meant to cross with all the puzzling that comes with it.

So that thing I talked about striping off my list in ‘Keep on going’, I think I’m there now. For those who really want to know, if I’m right it’s nr.131 on my list. Enjoy counting! <3

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