Last-minute citytrip to Vienna, City of Music

Last month I went on a last-minute citytrip to Vienna. With the thought “why not?” I accepted an invitation to visit the show of black metalband Wederganger at the Grelle Forelle in the centre of Vienna, city of Music.

The trip

Vienna wasn’t exactly in my planning for that weekend. I even had to work, but feeling the enormous need to get out for a moment, a little break away, I accepted my friend’s invitation to see the band play a couple of days before take off. I may have invited myself, since he didn’t think I would accept :’) Right time, right mood. I booked a single room, a ticket and time off.

Fast and quick

My flight was around 9am. I woke up at 5am, packed my backpack with the necesarry items and left by 6am. When flying in Europe you have to be at the airport 2 hours upfront, so I wanted to be there at 7am. Crazy thing is, traveling to Schiphol Airport which is from Rotterdam to almost Amsterdam took me 30 minutes to Central Station and less than half an hour with the train fromt there to Schiphol. This means it takes me the same amount of time I travel to work, which is in the same city I live!! Got to love that train (sidenote: if it’s on time. Got to congratulate the NS for a change for not ruining my day).

Airport Automation

Last time I took the plane was in august to Thailand. So far I’ve traveled mostly to far away destinations instead of countries in Europe. They are on my Bucket list though, so with that in mind I was happy I said “what the hell”. I didn’t think it would be this easy to travel by plane in Europe. Everytime I visit the airport things seem to be more automated than the last time as if flying is like taking the subway.

Doing things the oldfashion way I didn’t check in the day before and headed to the counter of Lufthansa at the terminal. There someone helped me check in at one of the machines instead of at the service desk and in two minutes I could walk to customs. Your pasport is scanned and your ticket printed instantly. Allthough it’s very easy to do it this way, I can’t help but to feel a little forced to do it this way. It’s probably cheaper for the company now there’s just one employee at the desk. If you do have luggage you can check it in yourself as well so I wonder how much longer there will be employees at an airport..

Ah yes, customs! Backpack scanned, check! Body scanned, check! Now the only thing that was left to do was find my gate and that was it. I don’t believe I needed those two hours, because I sat there waiting an hour and 15 minutes for boarding :’)
Boarding by the way is really like taking the subway. You scan your ticket yourself now like with a public transport chip card that will open the gates.

I took a seat, dozed off, ate a snack, transfered and dozed off again. Oh hi, Vienna!

To the Grelle Forelle!

It’s like saying to the bat mobile, I’m sorry that seemed funny in my head.

When I arrived at Vienna’s airport I took my lucky ass to the van where the band was still waiting for me. I could have gotten there faster wouldn’t I have exited at the wrong level :’) There’s only one of me, guys! We headed straight to the venue to drop off our stuff to spend just enough time in the centre of the city. Having not checked in at the hotel yet, I called the reception to ask if it was ok to check in at night after the show.. 24h reception, yes! No worries for the rest of the day.

Quick citytrip to Vienna centre

When I say quick, I mean quick. The guys of Wederganger walk like the devil’s chasing them! Probably because they had set their mind on a cold beer on a terrace. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze, the perfect spring weather. This way I’ve seen more than I would have with my own speed of walking and I’ve seen just enough to give my first impression on the city.

Vienna, the best place to live?

According to Mercer Vienna is the best place to live when it comes to quality of life. From what I have seen I can only say it’s a beautiful city to see with seemingly friendly citizens, lot’s to do and visit when it comes to culture and easy to travel through.


Everywhere you look you see historical buildings in Baroque style, which gives the whole city a classic feel. Sometimes you even get the feeling you already passed a certain building, because it looks the same everywhere or a feeling of different times. I can imagine people walking in the same environment years and years ago. Beautiful!

On the other hand there’s also more modern and playful architecture. One of the better examples that I’ve witnessed is the Spittelau waste incineration building next to the Grelle Forelle by Friedensreich Hundertwasser with vibrant colours, mostly primary, and a lack of straight lines.



Public Transport network in Vienna is quite easy. You can take the bus, train, tram of subway. Within minutes you’re wherever you wanto be buying a ticket from the machines at the stations.

Art & Culture

First thing that struck me is that Vienna really seems to be a metropool of Art and Culture. Around every corner you can find musea, gallery’s, theatres and music halls. Not to forget it is being promoted everywhere. Vienna is proud of what music, art and other culture it has to offer and it shows. I think Rotterdam’s municipality (allthough I must say it has been way worse!) or country could learn a thing or two here. Art & Culture is something to be proud of and has it’s own kind of attraction. A city can be a perfect host for events.

At the Grelle Forelle

The people working at the venue welcomed the band with open arms, caring and a jovial way. And allthough it is more of a EDM club they don’t shy away from alternative music and dare to promote a production like this. As they put it theirselves: “The musical focus is Techno, but the club showcases a variety of genres including House, Hip-Hop live shows, and alternative concerts. The club’s identity is not defined in terms of a restrictively narrow focus, but rather by an eclectic commitment to “underground” music of highest quality.” Isn’t that wonderful?

The shows

I’ve never been much of a black metal girl, but I’m always open to try things out. The first band is black metal I’ve been exposed to many times, which colors my whole idea of black metal and is not really my cup op tea. The second band though, Anomalie, actually surprised me. It has a more melodic and emotional feel to it and I must say it gave the music and performance more gravitation. Wederganger made sure that if I could handle this one, I’d probably like their music too, but what I mostly enjoyed was their choice of act on stage and their idea behind it: storytelling and a grim atmosphere, no exeptions ever, making it hard to take any photographs for me :’). They prefer to work with backlights! But for the whole set it does add to their vision of the perfomance.

The hotel

I stayed at the A&O Wien Stadthalle. If you’re looking for something affordable and clean and don’t have many demands it’s a nice stay. I must say though I’m used to lower prices on my travels, but keeping in mind I visited a European city and stayed in the centre it was ok. My single room was perfectly clean and I even had a new set of towels. The personel ain’t extremely friendly, but if you’re only mission is checking in and sleeping you should be fine!

Worth another visit?

Yes, absolutely! I’ve seen so many things I’d actually like to see on the inside instead of just passing by :’). No, but really I love music and musea so it’s kind of a Walhalla. For my Bucket list I still need to visit an opera, so this could also be a great place to do so. Oh, and I haven’t eaten a proper Wiener Schnitzel.. Shame!
Also if you’re more of a shopping type you can eat your heart out here.


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