Lazy suday puff pastry breakfast cups

While some people love sleeping in on Suday’s I have the urge, a lot of the time, to get out of bed and bake something new. I love spending my time in the kitchen in the morning and have all the time in the world to create an awesome breakfast like these puff pastry breakfast cups. I can skip any meal but breakfast you guys, that’s my thing <3

So today to inspire you to have just as much as fun as I have on Sunday mornings – because how does a colorful breakfast not make you happy? – or just because you’re hungry and have no inspiration whatsoever, I will share this easy like Sunday morning recipe.

Haha, yes, you feel me right there, I’ve already planted it inside your mind. You’re welcome:

Which one do you prefer?

Lazy suday puff pastry breakfast cups recipe


Breakfast Cups

Puff Pastry sheets


Breakfast Eggs
2 eggs
1 mozzarella ball
Pepper and salt to taste

Sweet apples
1 apple
van Gilse schenkstroop (dark pour syrup)

Surimi salad
Surimi salad

Breakfast Cups

Now the cups are the basis and the easiest part of the whole recipe, because all you need is some puff pastry sheets and fit them in a cupcake tin or any mold you think has the right size. I just used the silicon one’s I had laying around. My oven is so small unfortunately, a larger tin wouldn’t fit. Bake them on 225 degrees Celcius for about 20 minutes.

Breakfast Eggs

I scrambled the eggs in a frying pan with some pepper, salt, and parsley. Nothing fancy here, but that’s not needed! After all, it’s a lazy Sunday recipe. Cut some pieces of mozzarella to taste. Add some pepper, salt and olive oil and voila. So easy, so tasty. AAAAAAND it’s gone!

Sweet Apples

The apple filling is not hard to make either, but you have to be a bit more careful with this one because you don’t want the sugar to burn. It’s important you keep your eye on the saucepan and stir it often.

Dice the apple and melt the butter in the pan. Add some cinnamon to the butter and then the dices. Stir until they’re hot and soft like you’d like your apples in an apple pie and then add two tablespoons of van Gilse pour syrup. For us Dutchies it’s easy to get your hands on, but if you can’t find a good alternative (it is not a Maple syrup!) make a syrup out of brown sugar to get the same kind of taste.

Fill the cups with thick yoghurt and the apples! For those who like a sweet breakfast.

Surimi Salad

The last one is for the cheaters! If you have leftover salads laying around or like I do, always have different kind of salads in the fridge such as egg, tuna and surimi, just scoop some in the cup and garnish it with something nice, like an olive!

Easy peasy, still super cute and tasty, zero effort!


I hope you like the puff pastry breakfast cups. Find more of my recipes here.

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