My favorite ultralight styling products for a fluffy and natural wavy hair look

Over time I’ve tried out many different products and styling methods. Cheap, expensive, for defined curls or fluffy waves. It can be quite the difficult task to find the right light products for wavy hair. For every result, there is a different approach and preferable styler and in this post I’ll show you my favorite products that are light, follow your natural pattern and leave your hair soft and fluffy.

My favorite light styling products for wavy hair

Boucleme Gel

Other than the Dippety Do below, this gel is a more nurturing one and smells like citrus. If you look at the substance it looks a bit like linseed gel! And it has linseed in it if you check the ingredients. It was my first starter gel and still one of my favorites for days when I’m looking for big voluminous hair and a slight hold. I use it to get that wavy look instead of chunky spirals. Not that you can’t achieve them. Just add a Denman brush to the mix!

Waterbased lubricant

If you want to give your hair a break and only looking to get rid of the frizz but follow your natural hair patterns lubricant as a styler/serum is a great option. Don’t expect any hold, but a light substance to tame the frizzies and smooth your waves!
Read more about the use of lube here.

Dippety Do Girls with Curls Gelée

For when you want to use a gel with a soft cast, but not looking for a heavy one, just to define the waves you already have.
Check out my review on this product for its results!

Jane Carter Wrapp and Roll solutions

Not preferably used alone according to the description on the package but as a smoother and enhancer underneath or on top of a gel or cream. I love using this one in combination with a light gel to get a defined look, but on days I want my hair to feel light and soft, more natural and am not looking for a lot of hassle  (yes, give your hair a break sometimes! Or just enjoy the waves you got) I love using it on its own.

Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Allthough I mention in my review I find this product quite heavy for type 2 hair, if you use it on washed hair without leave in conditioner and just the smallest amount you can achieve that fluffy wavy look! I love it so much because it really hydrates your strands, while a lot of gels tend to leave your hair a bit dry or sticky.

Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In

Now okay, this asks for a bit of luck and falls in the Kinky Curly Family. A thousand times lighter than de custard and I think only a wavy can pull this one off frizz free in combination with a Denman brush. So of this leave in you can put in a bit more to moisturize and detangle and airdry it naturally. No touchy!! It’s relatable to the lube how light it is. Just like it’s good for when you give your hair a break but still want to be very nice to it. The ultimate trick (and it mostly is), but especially because you won’t get a cast: Stay with your hands off the hair and it might give you surprising results 😀

See all the different results with the different stylers. You can already tell the custard is a bit heavier and that gels and/or use of a Denman Brush add a difference in definition and frizz. Good luck on your CG journey and I hope you can find the perfect light styling products for your wavy hair, whether you go for fluffy and more voluminous like with these stylers or super defined!

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