Blogging – Like letters to my friends

So it happened! My best friend has arrived in London and like we did when we were still in highschool she mailed us her first adventures. Nathalie, Josine and I used to mail eachother on a regular basis as if it was app :’) The stories were hilarious and we kind of missed this way of communicating. It seemed like a great idea to Nathalie to pick up e-mailing. And you know what? It is. I was actually waiting last night and the last couple of hours for her to send that e-mail. It is more than just a text message saying she arrived, it felt like I was reading through her own blogpost. Little details, pictures, like a short travel log.

Then it came to me. Blogging to me has it’s reasons, but I think I know why I like telling stories in blogformat so much. Looking at the e-mail my friend wrote, it is as if I’m also still sending e-mails into the world, like letters to my friends. And sometimes they really are. Anyone who can relate to this?

Chilling in the back yard right now with some music❤ free Sundays are rare!

Expect a reply soon, Nathalie! I miss you already. May have cried a little, shht. Long distance life-complaining it is!

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