Little things – Beauty in the grey matter

Beauty of a short story

Beauty.. Subject of this ready-to-post article I’d written for my Little things journal about how my week went, how I felt, how it is ok and how I will always stay a soft little egg, because I believe beauty can be found in this life some compare to grey matter. Long story short: rough week, not the end.

I decided not to post it, because there is just one piece that really counts and that’s the moment where I rebooted today:

So I dried my tears with the shirt that was still on a person, classic, and listened once again to well-meant advice: “Think of all the good things.” So I gave a look at that shirt covered in my eyefluids and smiled. A good thing happened in just a splitsecond there and I noticed it immediately.

Beauty of a photograph

As I experienced today comfort and solace are in the tiniest events. Bringing them out is what I try to do. I’d love to keep up with my Little things project. I obviously need it when I look back at this week I summarized as rough, but not the end. Especially if the explanation of “rough” here is those days you want to dissappear into Newt Scamander’s suitcase for a while and not come out until the dark obscura’s of the world or Dormammu’s (Dr. Strange) have vanished. The more important for me to hold on to the good, not?

Besides that. The urge to proof the world is not all that grey and there is still beauty to be found, that’s easy on the eyes and brightens up our day, is strong. And why limit my little things project to what brightens my mood every week? And what is more easy on the eyes than a photograph, supported with words  I feel a photo-project coming..

This could be the moment where my Little things journal, splits up in my daily journal and a Little things photo project<3 May we all find comfort in the grey matter.


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