Little things – Wednesday happiness break


Sunny side up

Happiness is what you determine it to be, so.. sunny side up today! Much needed now I barely see any sun :’) So a week and a half have passed now and I’m sitting here at a coffee table, reevaluating my week. There were some good things to mention about these last 10 days and sometimes you need to mention them to yourself to balance it with the less great stuff you easily remember. It’s part of my journal here on my blog and my assignment!

There are these moments where you think you’ve figured it all out, just to realise that plan is crumbling down again and you start all over again. Well, that’s how life works: up and down.
So you know.. besides those lovely overnight oats you crawl back up with the occasional tea and cake, wine and writing! Hapiness is in your hands! Belly, whatever.. You know.

Happiness in a pod

First of all my best friend, who lives in England for a couple of months now, came back for a weekend to celebrate the birthday of our other bestie! We’ve always been three peas of a weird, but hilarious kind (if I may say so). We spent the day looking for the perfect gift, eating cake, laughing and catching up on eachothers stories. With some people things never really fade no matter how long you’ve been seperate and it is one of the best things in the world. I was truly happy that weekend.


We also discussed life and what we’d like to do in the near future, and so it came that we decided to head out somewhere this year to Iceland. Really excited to go for that! I’ve been looking for a new, but a bit closer destination to save up for and Iceland looks perfect! Within one or two weeks we can travel around the island and since we’re not too far away getting there is cheaper than going back to Australia or Asia.

Gearing up

I’m happy to be busy again with music, not only as musician, but also as a project and marketing driven brain. Whenever I put my energy in helping out artists I feel good. That I don’t have an industry job yet doesn’t mean I’ve given up on any of that and I tend to keep busy. So I met up with the frontman of a band in my hometown last week and hopefully I can be of service to them! Another one is working hard to get their music out soon and I’m glad I can be of help in that journey.


Tasty highlight

Last but not least I met up with someone I hadn’t seen for a long time, but actually needed to. And look at that beauty I’ve met that same evening!


I mean really, how beautiful this dish looked to my hungry eyes <3 Happiness in a bowl with a hint of octopus tentacles :’)


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