Using lube for your curly hair? Yes!


Tame your curly hair frizz, lube it up

The weirdest, but possibly best anti-frizz substance I’ve ever tried on my hair is lube. I can still hear my mom say “eew” and my bf laugh at me I’m crazy, but a Curly Girl does, what she’s got to do and lube in your hair isn’t simply that crazy and here’s why.

Waterbased lubricants contain glycerin and glycerin is an ingredient mostly used in hair products and is one that attracts moisture (a humectant) from the air, something a lot of curly girls lack in their curls or need to maintain. Instead of spending your money on expensive frizz free serums you can get a tube of lube at your drugstore much cheaper and mostly the same ingredients.

As a styler is doesn’t have a hold, but helps you tame the frizz and add shine. If you have a type 2 it might actually help as a styler since it is waterbased and extremely light, causing your hair not to weigh down. When it dries up, it dries your hair soft, without a cast.

So with lube, you can experiment in your current routine without completely renewing it.

When not to use lube on your curls

If the weather is humid your hair gets frizzy. Glycerin attracts extra moisture, causing your hair to swell and then frizz. When it is extremely dry the glycerin will attract the moisture from your own hair, causing it to dry out. So depending on where you live and the weather keeps that in mind. Always check out yourself how your hair reacts, because none of our hair is the same in any way!

There is also glycerin free lube, but I cannot yet say, I’ve tried that one out!

Either way, I’m convinced because it makes it easy to refresh my hair and tame my flyaways on the go. You can ask my friends. I’ll pull out a tube of lube at any time random to neat the nest that’s on my head <3 It shocks no one anymore.

Watch a video here on lube from one of my favorite and funniest Curlies, Penny Tovar:

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