Marshmallows and postcards

20150713_135138First day of the summer entrepreneur training has been completed!
It was fun to meet all the participants with all their beautiful ideas and positive energy. Allthough the ideas vary widely I’ve already met people who could be meaningful to me and the other way around. I loved working through the day in different teams and teambuilding activities, like working together and communicating to get somewhere while our feet were tied together.

One of the first was introducing ourselfs with the help of postcards and their images. The idea was to pick one that spoke to you and then tell why you had picked this particular one. Mine was a card with clouds and a quote that said somethinge like: challenges are not to break, but create us. It suits the concept of entrepreneurship, but also reminds me of a period of sickness from which I am recovering now. Frankly I’m not just recovering to my former self, but a better and stronger one. Sometimes things do get worse befor they get better, but I’ve really learned a lot from these challenges’. Doing this course is one way of improving myself.

Most important highlights learned today (in relation to teamwork), some which I also wrote about in earlier blogposts, are that delaying your judgments helps in creative processes (nothing’s wrong, everything’s possible) to come to great ideas and plans, and not think too hard at times trying to find the best answer and complete the project, but learn opportunities in the proces by testing them immediately. This last one we experienced with the marshmallow challenge. And yes.. I experienced the ‘oh, oh…’

Besides the teambuilding activities we also gained some insights in marketing and pr, but will continue with them tomorrow. I hope it will complete the knowledge I already have from my studies. As for tomorrow’s challenge.. We were assigned to make more money out of a 10 euro bill within 1,5 hours in the centre of Vlaardingen. Our team came up with the idea to sell an instant positive vibe experience to people on the street, which involves me playing the guitar and singing. On my way home I suddenly realized peforming and ‘going crazy karaoke in public’ are on my bucket list! Now it won’t be crazy, but I could still use it as a stepping stone, like I’m doing with masturdating. I’m curious how it will all work out!

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