Mindful decisions, I dare you

First day off since last Thursday and it was time to say goodbye.. London is calling for my best friend. She’s leaving to live in London, which I think is a bold an courageous move.


We went to The Tea Lab to brunch and laugh and chat like we always do, but not before these two searched for Pokéstops on our way there first :’)


Someone, a couple of hours flying away from here, asked me: ‘Isn’t that a nice subject to write about on your blog?’ He meant my friend who’ll move to England.
I think it is, but in more ways than just an update of my journal.
As I said I think it’s strong of her to move to another country, to try and see what it might bring her (hopefully more than The Netherlands when it comes to her line of work).

To get further in life we sometimes need to dare to take the leap. And it’s not just about activities you have never done before like you can find on my bucket list. It is about daring to do things differently and see what it might bring you. For that you have to dare let go and move on from some things, but not before you have completely accepted what is.
It about daring to learn something new. Doing things out of your comfort zone.

They don’t have to be huge like going your own way in a whole other country, you can start small. Saying ‘no’ can be one of them if that’s what you’re struggling with.
A day ago someone told me she thought it was so cool that I said ‘no’ to someone while she knew she’d have a hard time saying ‘no’ if she’d be asked the same question.
Well, I weren’t the one to say ‘no’ to anyone too. It is something I’ve learned over time, starting with that first time saying it and then it got easier every time. And believe me you will learn when you notice there’s no spark of energy left in your body!

For instance, for me I’d be a lot easier to sit around moping all day about stuff that goes wrong when it comes to my education, – and believe me it’s a lot and it happens to lot’s of students unfortunately –  but it won’t help me get anywhere and it doesn’t help me enjoy my vacation, which has already started, either. Since the situation can’t really change I’m daring myself to set the record straight, be pissed about it or a while, but to let it go too. Instead of wasting my day on someting I cannot change, this coming Monday I’m leaving town for a day with Yinling to see Antwerp! It was a spontaneous decision we made over dinner last Monday. I’m daring to enjoy my free days, without feeling obligated to spend all of my free days on something ‘usefull’.
Limits are all in our heads. You can broaden your horizon whenever you want to.
And within 3 weeks I’ll be doing that in Thailand! Learning from and enjoying a new environment. Letting go all other responsibilities (to things or people) for a moment and be with others and getting to know myself. Learning comes in many forms.

When I talk about these things I talk about making room for myself as my challenges to work on, but sometimes making room for someone else inside your comfort zone can bring rest and space too. Daring to do new things aren’t things you’ll always have to do alone. No one ever said you couldn’t do them together, but it’ll have to start with you creating that space for someone else to eventually make all the room in the world you need to take on the unknown stuff.

Ok, it is time to start packing now for a weekend to the Ardennes! BUT:
Being ready for something is all in our minds..
Now, I dare you, what would you do completely different than what you’re used to?

(P)Oké Mo(n) GO!

Nathalie <3 We’ll miss you


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