Mindful(l) overseas

No matter how far away you get, some ghosts from the past will haunt you till the end of the world. Apparently some really have a talent for it.

When I was ready to write my blog this morning about my Bondi day yesterday and how I adopted these new sport’s leggings with muchos love, one of these ghosts suddenly found a way into my morning. Downside of the interwebs. Yup, definitely is.
Anyway after letting it consume me for a moment and after I was ready to strangle something to it’s death I realized calling someone and speak to a friend might be a better solution! It is? Meh, might be. Yes, it is!

One of the things you can do to get passed that emotional peak and calm down is by asking for a bit of help. Who says you have to do it alone? Always works for me (: nobody to rant to and all by yourself? Go for a long walk or something else distracting your mind. Feelings will pass or at least become less severe. Remember the waves (: Me not wanting to ruin my last days in Sydney went out for the day since I had to accept there is nothing I could do on the spot according to my best friends their advice.
Later on the day I made my decision on what to do with a clear head. Mindfulness doesn’t mean walking away from whats real, it means getting you in the best state of mind to find out what’s the best next move.

Remember the picture I took of the man napping in the sun in Hyde park during is break? Why not do the same!
People can only get to you as long as you give them the space to get to you and I decided it was enough for now.



Nothing better than to go out for some lunch and relax in a park! Lang Dee and I both had a rough start in the morning, but I’d say we’ve handled it well! Enjoying some food with all the time in the world. And hey, I chose a healthy dish +1 for me! I really love those leggings and I’m determined to keep fitting in them (:

For those who woke up at the other end of the world to prevent me from going on a killing spree, nah I’m joking, who were kind enough to be a listening ear, thank you (:
You’re the real deal and that proves my life is full of awesome and sweet people.

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