More than fun alone

Completing my bucket list is more than fun alone. To do all things I’ve got to work hard and be there not only for the pretty parts.
Working out and being conscious about what I eat sometimes is hard, but there’s a lot that can be done to make it all a bit more prettier.
For instance I’m trying to put together new healthy meals. I love food and I love to experiment a little, but most of all I’d like to share it. + I can get a little excited for other people tasting my food.


So I did today with bf, who happens to work very hard too, bringing him my new found lunch idea to his university. Hummus, whole grain wraps, lettuce and lean cooked chicken! He wasn’t sure he was into hummus, which obviously didn’t compute with my love for hummus. Taste it you will! Like it you shall! People who have a hard time eating raw veggies should really try it with hummus <3


Working for something alone can be tough, it still is when together, but already makes it easier and can bring more fun into it. Like Jack Johson sings: ‘it’s always better when we’re together’.

Still lingering in the whole Aussie vibe I must admit I’m trying to look for my next adventure on my bucket list, read destination or fun activity, while I know the first one to be very close is going back to school. Diploma I need you, I want you, but it scares me to go back.. Typical more-than-fun-alone bucket list item! My break year is almost over and it has passed so fast! I’ve seen lot’s of new stuff and done lot’s of things, it’s not easy for me to want to return and guess what.. All that time and who still hasn’t figured out what to do for her thesis or what she wants? *Raises hands and falls down on knees as if Charlie Sheen.

I see many opportunities, but can’t make a choice. I feel I like many things, but can’t decide for which one to go. It’s time.. time to put things in a bigger perspective and bring some order and structure into my own chaos, (but not before I’ve celebrated Halloween with friends tomorrow!).
I will find a way, I must if I really want to complete my list once.


Oeeeh, it’s always better when we’re together! Massive nap time, got to work again tomorrow.

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