My walking challenge: week 1

Last week I wrote about starting a walking challenge and here’s an update on how it’s going.

I noticed I haven’t picked a particular day yet and mostly look per day if I feel like walking. First week was wednessday evening and second time I went on Tuesday after breakfast, but I think it’s wise to pick a day to make it more of a routine I can get used to.

Also I feel, whenever I’m back home from the 60 minute walks, more relaxed when it come’s to my mind, because the only thing I’ve been focussing on is my music, the surroundings and walking itself, which gives me no time to think. After 30 minutes home or so I do feel tired physically and I want to take a nap.

I feel more relaxed however and after the second walk I had less struggle to think about going out a second time the same week, so for next week I’ll add one round more to see if it gives me more energy or might still be too much for now.

Hopefully soon I also won’t be walking alone <3

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